Open World Explorers owner and guide Dr. Steve Hale at the Mt. Washington Summit. 

Steve's Education History

1988 B.S. Marine Science/Biology

          University of Miami (FL)

1993 M.S. Zoology and Physiology

          Louisiana State University

2001 Ph.D. Natural Resources

          University of New Hampshire

About Open World Explorers

​SOLO Wilderness First Aid Certified

Owner, Steve Hale, holds university degrees in marine biology, evolutionary biology, and ecology.  He has lived in New Hampshire over 20 years and has explored most of the state.  An avid hiker, birder, and experienced naturalist, Steve loves to share his experience and knowledge with others.

In the mid-1990s, Steve moved to NH from Baton Rouge, LA and worked as a bird observer in the White Mountain National Forest.  This experience honed his skills for birding by ear.   Steve converted this experience into a doctoral dissertation at the University of New Hampshire, where he studied the habitat associations of the endemic Bicknell's Thrush using satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems.  The project was also Steve's introduction to the world of hiking in the Whites.  Steve hikes and backpacks over 200 miles every year and has observed many wonderful things.

Steve has been giving slideshow presentations that showcase his research in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and his far afield birdwatching trips for more than 15 years.  As a member of the University of New Hampshire's Speaker's Bureau, he has given countless presentations to hotels, resorts, libraries, historical societies, and birding clubs.  Steve also has made presentations and nature walks with school groups.

Steve was a regular presenter at the Mt. Washington Hotel and the Balsams Resort, where he provided slideshows for the guests in the evening and then took them on birdwalks or ecotours in the morning (sometimes on snowshoes!).  All the tours included stories of the natural history of area and instruction on plant and animal identification.  Everyone enjoys sharing their own stories too.

Steve continues to  hike and birdwatch in northern New England, from the NH Seacoast where he lives to the mountains where he plays.  Steve formed Open World Explorers in April 2016 to more fully share his knowledge and experience  in ecology, ornithology, and Earth science to help others find personal value in the natural history and landscape of the area.  Steve's tours can go on foot, snowshoes, cross-country skis, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard.