My two staff members who were present said it was one of the best presentations we have hosted by zoom - 2/22/22

​Steve did an excellent job. His presentation was interesting and informative. He did a great job of engaging with the audience, and they really enjoyed it. I felt that the audio of his video recordings were sometimes problematic, but it was a great show overall. - 6/24/21

Steve is easy to work with and he interacts well with his audience, and he is very competent with his subject matter. Our audience at "Bizarre Birds of the World" learned about ornithology in general and some specific and surprising aspects of some individual fascinating bird species. I want to learn more from Steve! - 11/20/2020

Steve is an entertaining speaker. - 3/21/2020

Excellent presentation - we'll being seeing you again. - 8/14/2019

​VERY good presenter! our patrons were very pleased with the program - 4/11/2019

​Wonderful program. Steve is a great presenter and we will definitely have him back (again!). - 3/18/2020

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Bizarre Birds of the World

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