Open World Explorers is a premium provider of birding classes, lessons, and birding tours.  Classes/lessons help beginner and intermediate birders progress in their knowledge, ability, skill, and confidence as a birder.  Trips venture into the full spectrum of Northern New England habitats in search of resident, migrant, and vagrant birds.  Lessons and trips also provide a regular social setting for building  and sharing with a regular community of birding friends and family.  

Listed birding prices are per person. There may be add-on charges for driving distances greater than 30 miles one way.

Birding Classes/Lessons

Birding classes/lessons are available for individuals (private) or groups.  Birding classes typically focus on ID practice with visual field marks or songs/calls, and habitat associations.  I assist you toward mastery of a particular ID challenge using a combination of field guides and field observations.  Lessons go beyond the simple ID fieldmarks: Lessons cover the total bird - vocalizations, behavior, ecology, diet, evolutionary relationships, habitats (including tree/plant ID, landform preferences), migration, range, physiology, and anatomy.  Distances greater than 30 miles may incur additional travel or accommodations surcharge (Contact me for quote).

Birding Tours

Birding tours typically focus on encountering as many different species as possible, or directed search for one or more target species (e.g., lifers, rarities, vagrants).  Pricing for birding trips is variable by trip and time of year.  Links below give information for trips to regular locations.

Birding Rates

Open Tours may include additional people to your party, and include guests with range of experience - beginners, intermediate and advanced. Group size for open tours typically do not exceed 10 people.

$79 per person for 2-hour guided birding

Private Birding Rates

​Private means the event is closed to additional people outside of your reservation. Booking a Private session allows the client to set the objectives and locations for the session - for examples, photography, seeing as many species as possible, or finding a new lifebird. Persons or parties with narrow or focused birding objectives or requiring additional time should book a private session instead of the Regular Birding Tour.

Per Person Rates for up to 4 persons

1 hour = $79, 2 hours = $119, 3 hours = $159, 4 hours = $199, 5+ hours add $40 per hour

Group Rate  for 5 or more persons

July to April

1 hour = $279, 2 hours = $319, 3 hours = $359, 4 hours = $399, 5+ hours add $40 per hour

May and June

1 hour = $299, 2 hours = $349, 3 hours = $399, 4 hours = $449, 5+ hours add $50 per hour

Request a private lesson or tour for you or a group.

​Youth: Children 10-15 years old  charged at 50% the Adult rate.  Not all events are appropriate for Youth, please inquire before booking youth to birding events. Whenever appropriate, children under the age of 10 years old are free.

Additional charges for travel may be applied.


Regular Birding Tours (follow links for details and pricing)

Bicknell's Thrush and Spruce/Fir Specialties (available end of May through July)

Birds and Blooms (available May through June)

Fall Hawk Watch (available mid-August through October)

The Fells - Middlesex, MA (available April - July) - Description page for this tour is coming soon

Marginal Way - Ogunquit, ME (available November - March)

Plum Island - Newburyport, MA (available year-round)

Weekly Birding Series (available April - July) - Meets every Monday evening at a different location in northern Massachusetts, southern NH, and southern ME.

Jump to Plum Island Birding,

                Marginal Way Seawalk,

​                Bicknells Thrush Birding,

                Biddeford Pool (Maine)

Birding Tour Cancellation Policy

Birding tours are at the discretion and mercy of Mother Nature. Tours will begin and continue in conditions of misting, drizzle, and light rain ... more than light rain will cancel or truncate an event. Tours may also be cancelled or truncated under conditions where winds are of sufficient strength to move tree branches and sway trunks. Under these windy conditions, birding by ear can be significantly impaired and reduce the birding experience. Events cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances by OWE will be fully refunded, including any deposits collected. Events truncated due to weather or unforeseen circumstances by OWE will be prorated to the next lowest half-hour from the time of tour termination. (Example: A tour begins at 9:20am and is terminated early at 10:50am. The next lowest half-hour is 10:20am, so the client is prorated at 1 hour for the tour. Determinations of cancellations, truncations, and charges are made by OWE and final.)