Birds of the Southeastern US                                                $300 / $250 with discount

Presentation of common, uncommon, and rare birds breeding in the southeastern US.  Presentation offers ID tips, behavior highlights, and comparisons with relatives to the north (for example Summer Tanager and Scarlet Tanager, Carolina Chickadee and Black-capped Chickadee).  (see

Redline Hiking in the White Mountains                             $300 / $250 with discount

Presentation documenting my personal journey as a Redline Hiker in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Redline Hiking is the goal to hike all the miles of trails on the map (denoted often as redlines) of some large area (in this case the  1,440 miles of trails in the White Mountains of NH and ME).  Here I showcase and storytell some of my interesting trail encounters with wildlife, wildflowers, and wild scenery.

Birds of the White Mountains (most popular)                         $300 / $250 with discount

Presentation designed as a virtual tour on a regular hiking trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The virtual tour documents both common and uncommon birds beginning in the low lying valleys with intermittent streams, ponds, and wetlands within a setting of northern hardwoods forest.  The tour progresses through mixed forest with increasing fir and spruce community birds until reaching the uppermost boreal forest zone, which hosts a distinctive assemblage of birds reserved for the most hearty hikers.  This presentation is also set up as a bird quiz to allow you to test your bird ID skills, with pointers readily available for assistance. (see

Book your next presentation before July 31st to keep pricing as seen below. After July 31st the base charge will increase to $300 ... but the discounts will remain (Posted 6/1/2020)

Hawks and Hawk Watching                                                     $300 / $250 with discount

Presentation of the region’s vultures, hawks, eagles, and falcons that can be regularly observed on Fall migration. High quality images of each species in flight, as they might appear passing by or overhead at a favorite hawk watch location are provided. Technical tips on species shape, coloration, and behavior are provided to boost your own ability to ID these fabulous birds. Migration-timing data for some regional sites will be presented for different species so you can know when to expect certain species.  An introduction to some regional hawk watch sites is given along with information on how to participate.

Slideshow Presentations

Slideshow presentations are offered for unlimited audience sizes to clubs, historical societies, schools, libraries, senior-living facilities, hotels, resorts, and more.  All slideshow presentations are timed for 45min-50min duration.  Questions and answers after the presentation are welcomed and encouraged.  I will stay until your group's last question is answered.  Travel distances greater than 30 miles may incur additional travel or accommodations surcharge (Contact me for quote).  Request a Presentation, Read Reviews

$50 Discount on Slideshow Presentations for Public and Town Libraries, Historical Societies, Schools, and non-profit clubs.

**Additional $30 Discount during COVID-19 disruptions for presentations in online (e.g., ZOOM, GoToMeeting, etc.) formats. That's a total $200 charge for non-profits during COVID-19.

Best Value Offer - Make your presentation at Talk-and-Walk - Add a same-day 2-hour group Bird Walk or Guided Hike for unlimited number of your guests for $200.

Birds of Bretton Woods                                                              $300 / $250 with discount

Presentation of common, uncommon, and rare birds breeding in the Bretton Woods region of New Hampshire.  This presentation showcases birds breeding on the grounds of the historic Mt. Washington Hotel, including the hotel, the golf course, the vast recreational trail network, and up the majestic western slope of Mt. Washington itself.  This virtual tour showcases the mergansers, hummingbirds, swifts, swallows, and woodland bird species, including the endemic Bicknell's Thrush.  This presentation is set up as a bird quiz to allow you to test your bird ID skills, with ID tips ready to assist.  (see

Franconia Breeding Bird Survey                                          $300 / $250 with discount

Presentation documenting my coverage of NH's Franconia Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) since 2011.  Learn about the US BBS, a roadside survey conducted across the US and Canada.  It is a primary source of data on breeding bird populations in North America.  The Franconia BBS route begins at the base of Cannon Mt. ski area and winds westward through Franconia, southward through Easton, eastward through Woodstock, and ending in Lincoln.  This presentation showcases mountain and meadow scenery, as well as the birds in their fine breeding plumage.  (see

Discoveries in Bird Migration -                                                    $300 / $250 with discount

The history of discoveries in bird migration reveals the role of creativity and ingenuity in science. Through elegant and clever experiments scientists uncover amazing capabilities that birds possess to undertake what is arguably one of the greatest natural spectacles on Earth ... the massive and synchronous movement of billions of birds from one region of the globe to another. This presentation highlights several especially beautiful scientific approaches to unlocking the secrets of bird orientation, navigation, and travel.

Birds of Dixville Notch                                                               $300 / $250 with discount

Presentation of common, uncommon, and rare birds breeding in the Dixville Notch region of New Hampshire.  This presentation showcases birds breeding on the grounds of the historic Balsams Resort and Balsams Wilderness Ski Area.  Featured are the Cliff Swallows living on the structures of the Panorama Golf Course and the famous Abenaki Mountain nesting Peregrine Falcons.  The diverse habitats of the region support loons, kingfishers, warblers and the endemic Bicknell's Thrush on a hike up to Sanguinary Ridge, Table Rock Mountain, or Dixville Peak. This presentation is set up as a bird quiz to allow you to test your bird ID skills, with ID tips ready to assist.    (see

Backyard Birds (most popular)                                                $300 / $250 with discount

This is an engaging and interactive presentation featuring common and likely resident and migrant visitors to any backyard in New England.  This presentation offers ID tips on some challenging birds that live among us like ... Hairy vs. Downy Woodpecker and Purple vs. House Finch.  Tips on feeding birds to attract the most diversity are also provided. Set up as a bird-quiz, audience members love to test their own knowledge.  (see

Bizarre Birds of the World (most popular)                              $300 / $250 with discount

With over 10,000 bird species in the world, there are some extreme examples that stretch our understanding of what it means to be a bird. This entertaining and educational program features extreme examples of birds and bird biology,  Examples include the Hoatzin, Kakapo, Oilbird, Standard Wing Nightjar, and more.