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​Steve is a relaxed and knowledgeable presenter. He knows his material and makes learning about birds fun! - 3/10/23

Steve engaged our audience from the beginning, answered questions and addressed comments through out, was very informative, and his knowledge of birds was very evident. We would definitely book another program. - 6/27/2021

We don't normally get emails from patrons thanking us for our programs, but we got two the week following Steve's event. One attendee said "This was excellent, please bring Steve back for the winter backyard birds presentation" and another said "Thank you so much for the Breeding Season Backyard Birds presentation tonight with Steve Hale. It was fabulous. I am elderly so have isolated a lot during the pandemic. I am inspired to explore my large yard overlooking a farm and woods for birds this spring and hope you have him back for a fall bird presentation so that I will continue to learn more about non-feeder birds." - 4/26/2021

Our garden club very much enjoyed Steve's Zoom presentation of "Breeding Season Backyard Birds." He made all of the planning very easy (i.e. practice Zoom). I think our members appreciated the interactive aspect the best. Steve took and answered questions through the chat box, calling members by name, which really made it feel like he was in the room with us. We plan on booking another of his presentations! - 4/8/2021

We had a great turnout for the Backyard Birds program. Feedback I received from the audience was very positive. "I enjoyed the presentation on backyard birds, very Informative and interesting." "Thank you for sponsoring the excellent program, Backyard Birds. We really enjoyed it. Steve had such a nice presentation. We don’t know much about birds and sometimes feel intimidated by “real birders”, so it was especially good for us. It was nice that he covered a lot, but didn’t try to cram too much in. The program seemed to have a good pace." - 11/18/2020

Steve entertained our virtual group of Backyard Bird viewers with interesting knowledge of the subject. We look forward to having him back again with another of his engaging presentations. - 10/23/2020

In this world of virtual programming we were thrilled to host Steve! The Backyard Bird talk proved to be an excellent event that was inclusive to an all-ages audience on all levels of birding knowledge. In addition to being easy to work with, Steve was professional and organized about how the talk would run. We will definitely host Steve again! - 10/20/2020

What a wonderful program! Our library patrons had a great time learning about and sharing their experiences with back yard birds. This program was done virtually and was perfectly executed and adapted for a virtual presentation format. We will be booking another event for sure! - 10/09/2020

The Backyard Birds presentation was informative, properly interactive, and gave the audience concrete identification and feeding tips I am sure they will utilize. - 09/09/2020

I strongly recommend your Backyard Birding program. The audience loved it and the format of having them actively participating kept everyone involved as the time just flew by. The format was engaging for both expert birders and novices. I also appreciated your complete professionalism and technical expertise. We will definitely be scheduling another program! - 08/24/2020

​The New Hampshire Backyard Birds was a wonderful program! The audience really enjoyed the bird quiz. Dr. Steve Hale is extremely knowledgeable about birds and their habits. And he made it a fun and informative program. - 08/12/2020

I heard from one person that they would have like to cover less birds but in a bit more detail. She was especially interested in hearing more bird calls. - 07/08/2020

This is the second time I have worked with Dr. Hale. The first time was a traditional "in person" program. This time was a virtual program offered through GoToMeeting. He is an excellent presenter in either format - knowledgeable and friendly. The time flew by and yet did not feel rushed. The audience participated using the "chat" feature. I have had some feedback so far - all of it positive. I look forward to inviting Steve back  again next year. - 05/31/2020

​​​Steve did an excellent job keeping an audience of 56, of all different ages, engaged throughout. He was very generous with his time, thoroughly answering all questions and gave the audience members much to take with them on their backyard adventures. I think this program is one of the best we have done virtually. - 5/28/2020

We had a group of avid and knowledgeable birders attend the Backyard Birds presentation. Even though a lot of them were familiar with the birds, they loved the interactive presentation and a chance to share along with the presentation. We will definitely schedule another presentation in the future. - 7/10/2019

​It is one thing to be an expert in a subject while in a prepared environment (the talk in the Community Room with a slide show). It is another thing entirely to be outside, hear a bird call, identify it and then FIND THE BIRD! Our group was delighted, entertained and educated. From a librarian's point of view, I can think of nothing better!  - 7/3/2019

​Very informative and knowledgeable presentation -- our patrons loved it! - 5/29/2019

Steve's presentations are very informative and engaging. Our library has hosted him twice, and each time I walk away with more information about particular birds, but also how to be a better bird watcher. Having a walk following his presentations allows the audience to directly apply their knowledge and solidify the experience. I highly recommend his programs. - 5/22/2019

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Breeding Season Backyard Birds