I was quite lucky with this birding trip -- I had the host all to myself! While he most certainly is an expert in the field, he makes amateurs like me feel at ease. A very friendly and accommodating host whom I highly recommend. - 10/15/19

As a novice birdwatcher, I was relieved to have a very experienced and knowledgeable and likable person to spot new and interesting species for us and share information about each species. We will definitely hire Stephen again!  - 7/12/19

We visited Benson Park in Hudson, NH. I had no idea of the variety and the beauty of the birds that we would see on a Tuesday evening in July. What a great way to spend an evening. - 7/3/2019 

​Very knowledgeable on local birds and places to see them. I would recommend this to anyone in/visiting the area that would like a guide to help identify and navigate to some good birding spots. - 6/15/19

We had a great walk following the presentation. It was an evening event and there were many varieties of birds present at the site Steve selected that he had shown in the talk. So perfect when the birds you've just heard about show up for viewing! How does he do that?! - 5/23/2019

What a great time. It was everything we expected and more. We started out knowing nothing about a certain group of birds ( warblers) and left with enough knowledge to go back and identify on our own. Bravo Steve! We had so much fun and learned lots. Sign up y’all you won’t regret it! - 5/22/19

We held a birdwalk on the Windham Rail Trail hosted by Steve and we couldn't have been more pleased! 21 people showed up at 9am, with the threat of thunderstorms looming, and had a wonderful time listening and viewing over 20 different bird types. Steve came prepared with lots of binoculars, mosquito nets, bird guides, a telescope, and wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend Steve and his programs!
- 5/21/2019 

Wonderful experience. Most of the participants were bird watchers but the birdwalk was geared towards every level of experience. Congenial, fun and interesting. Highly recommended. - 5/21/2019 

​If you like birds and want a great guide to take you around a super place, this trip is for you. I used to live near Boston and would go to Plum Island beach to escape the city. Forty years later I was thrilled to be there during spring migration, and Stephen took me to a nature reserve I had never been to and helped me see dozens of warblers, purple martins, water birds, and other birds all decked out in their sparkling spring plumage. He was very knowledgeable without being in the least pedantic and overbearing, and he respected and accommodated my intermediate level of birding. This activity would be great for anyone who wants to see birds, from never-done-it-before to expert! - 5/15/19

​Steve was an excellent and very professional guide for this birding trip. I am a novice birder and was able to see many species for the first time. Steve identified dozens of birds, and we had a peregrine falcon sighting at the end. He brought binoculars and a spotting scope, which allowed me to observe the birds in detail. All the while he answered questions and taught me about Plum Island. He was very accommodating to my interests. I would definitely recommend a trip with Steve. I will never look at “seagulls” the same way again! - 9/18/18

​We had an amazing time on our birdwatching trip with Steve. We started by booking just one two-hour trip, but decided to extend to four hours, which we really enjoyed! We started out the day as beginning birdwatchers, and Steve patiently guided us through our early steps (how to focus and best use binoculars, what features to look out for before we had much experience) and answered all the questions we could ask. If you don’t know much about birding but want to start learning with a very hands-on experience, this trip is a great choice! For anyone more experienced, I think birding with Steve would be fun and rewarding as he guides you around areas he knows well, and shares his years of experience. We’re looking forward to booking another tour with Steve, maybe to explore a new place, and also are looking forward to birding on our own in the meantime! - 9/12/18

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